Docks Page

ShoreStation/ShoreDock Classic

ShoreStation ShoreDock superior powder-coat paint provides maximum protection, giving you a long-lasting, low maintenance dock for years to come. Our sideboards and accessories feature EON material, which is a unique 100% synthetic material that offers the beauty of wood without the maintenance. It is designed specifically for the marine environment, and is resistant to cold, heat, mold, mildew, UV rays and insects.

Hewitt Roll-A-Dock

Roll-A-Dock is simply the fastest and easiest way to get full enjoyment from your waterfront property. Just roll it in and you're ready for action. Roll-A-Dock is really suited to gradual slopes and works equally well on soft or rocky bottoms. A basic dock can be easily placed using a vehicle or installed in a matter of minutes by as few as two people.

​Anodized Aluminum Docks

Rochester Boat Company’s anodized aluminum docks offered by Carefree and Lake Shore Products are cool to the touch. Low Maintenance, and long lasting. We offer only the best aluminum pier that resists discoloration​/oxidation and has optional 'cool touch' treatment. - don't be fooled by low quality imitators.

Vinyl Docks

Lake Master Vinyl Docks are attractive and durable. Lake Master Docks are lightweight and come with a 20 year limited warranty. Vinyl docks are smooth, cooler, slip resistant, and are low maintenance. Vinyl docks are ideal for lake homeowners who want a dock that won’t rot, splinter, and require no painting or staining. We are a proud carrier of Lakemaster Vinyl docks.

Wood/Aluminum Docks

RBC offers a Wood/Aluminum dock for those that prefer a wood surface, but want to add a smoother more attractive look to their dock. For this option we use aluminum stringers, which provide a sleek finish and conceal the outside edges of your wood deck panels.